Frequently Asked Questions

What service does Pygmalio offer?

Pygmalio is an online French tutoring service, specialized for bilingual students. We select the best teachers from Francophone institutions with experience of bilingual students to create a curriculum in French, adapted to the profile of the student, which combines individual video sessions and corrected exercises.

What is the minimum level in French for my child to be accepted?

There is no minimum level. The free initial assessment aims to assess the student's level and define individualized and realistic progress objectives.Pygmalio’s goal is to help the student progress in French by taking into account the specificities of learning in a multicultural and multilingual environment.

How old must my child be to have a Pygmalio tutor?

Pygmalio covers ages 6-14.
For all other ages, we will do our best to accommodate the demand.

In which country do we have to live to enroll as a Pygmalio tutor?

Pygmalio tutoring is open to everyone, in all countries. The advantage of online tutoring is to overcome distances.

What are the formulas proposed by Pygmalio?

Pygmalio offers 2 remote tutoring formulas, all in French. Our formulas are designed to complement your child’s school curriculum.
- Formula “Renfort”: 2 x 45mn in video with the tutor + 2 hours of homework for the student (corrected by the tutor)
- Formula “Soutien”: 45mn in video with the tutor + 1 hour of homework for the student (corrected by the tutor)

What are the prices of the formulas?

Our pricing are perfectly adapted to current market pricing and available on a simple request.

Is there any discount for families?

Yes, we apply a 10% discount on the 2nd child enrolled at Pygmalio of the same family.

What curriculum is taught by Pygmalio's tutors?

There is no engagement obligation but it is necessary to plan for a minimum of a few months of tutoring to allow enough time for the student to progress.

How long do I have to commit to Pygmalio?

Pygmalio tutors rely on the French curriculum to develop the student’s courses and exercises, while adapting it to the student's needs and taking into account the multicultural environment.

Is the program followed by the Pygmalio's tutors adapted to my child?

Each tutor adapts the curriculum to the student’s needs. A free assessment is done by the teacher before starting tutoring. It is followed by the definition of objectives with the parents. Each month, the tutor provides feedbacks to the parents and the student of the progress made in relation to the objectives.

Is Pygmalio tutoring only online?

Yes, Pygmalio is a 100% online tutoring experience. Our goal is to overcome distances to offer the best French tutors to your child.

Is Pygmalio tutoring individual or in group?

Pygmalio tutoring is only individual.
This allows us to personalize the curriculum and for the student to progress more quickly.

Which organizations does Pygmalio support with 10% of its profit?

Education is at the center of our project and we are committed to donating 10% of our profits each year to programs helping education for children in need in different countries.

Who chooses the schedule of the tutorship?

When you register, our team works with you to determine the best schedule based on both your availability and the teacher’s one. The schedule can be modified / adapted / paused in agreement with the tutor and subject to informing Pygmalio.

What if my child fails to do her/his homework?

The student will have a discussion with her/his teacher before starting the lessons. This will allow the teacher to suggest activities adapted to your child's level. If the exercises are not done (by lack of time or due to difficulties in working independently) the teacher will work with your child on the exercises and ensure that the concept is acquired during the video meeting.

How are the teachers selected?

Teachers are selected based on their experience and recommendations. All our teachers have international experience and know how to teach to students living and learning in multicultural environments.

What types of payment are accepted?

Any Visa Mastercard or Amex debit or credit cards are accepted, providing they  can be charged in USD.

Founders are Friends, all parents of bicultural kids, and all French expatriates living abroad.

Mathieu Tazo was looking for a French tutor in New York for his 8-year-old daughter but, faced with the difficulty of finding an available teacher and the complexity of the logistics, he gave up.A friend from London, Delphine, a teacher in a Franco-English primary school, then offered to set up a tutoring program in French, online and personalized to his daughter’s level. Other friends expressed similar needs. One of them, Mathieu Le Roux, a childhood friend, joined the Pygmalio project at its inception in 2020.

Delphine Homand,
professeure des écoles
London, United Kingdom

Who are we?

Mathieu Tazo,
French writer and banker
New York, USA

Mathieu Le Roux,
serial entrepreneur
São Paulo, Brazil