A French tutor for your bilingual kid

We select the best teachers from French-speaking institutions, with experience with bilingual students, and create a curriculum in French, adapted to the student’s needs, which combines individual video sessions and exercises corrected by the tutor.

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Tutors with international experience


tutoring formulas combining individual video sessions and corrected exercises


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The tutoring approach that helps your bilingual child progress in French

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An educational path adapted to the child

After an initial assessment, the tutor develops specific content and individual approach to adapt the program to the student’s needs in order to work on weaknesses and stimulate strengths. The objectives of progress are defined and agreed with the parents.

Online & individual curriculum

As part of her/his curriculum, your child will be assigned homework that will be corrected by the teacher and will interact with her/his tutor in video sessions to specifically address any difficulty and develop further the lesson. Based on the video session, the tutor will adapt the curriculum to the student’s progress.

Seasoned teachers

All our teachers are selected for their experience in French-speaking institutions. They are French as their mother tongue. All of them have expertise in teaching to children living and learning in a multicultural environment.

A supportive parent community

By enrolling your children with Pygmalio, you join our Slack parent community where you can discuss the progress made with the teacher, as well as meet other parents of multilingual children.

Free assessment

Based on the student assessment, the teacher will personalize the curriculum and the objectives, in agreement with the parents.

  • 01
    A free initial assessment of the student by the teacher
  • 02
    The tutoring objectives are defined in agreement with the parents
  • 03
    Monthly feedbacks provided by the teacher and discussed with the parents

Who are our teacher-tutors?

All our tutors are recommended teachers with at least 5 years of teaching experience in a French institution in France and abroad.
They work in the French or bilingual schools in London, Paris, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Manila...

All are seasoned in teaching multicultural childrens like yours.



or our Tutors are Professional teachers trained for teaching in french

5 years

All of our teachers Possess at least Five years of Experience in "école Primaire" or "collège"


of our teachers have experience with bilingual and multicultural kids